Teaching style

When it comes to art, I believe your individuality is your greatest asset. Therefore it is my legacy for all members in all my classes to receive individual tuition. It usually differs from artist to artist depending on skill levels and overall experience. It may be governed by style of art desired and mediums used to achieve it. It doesn't matter whether you are a raw beginner right through to those more experienced, it is the same. I try to keep everyone in their own comfort zone whilst offering tuition suggestions. My purpose is to expand both technique ability and knowledge. I do not wish to clone people into my style. Instead, I am looking for that something different to bring out in each present in the class.

Classes include technique demonstrations and discussion on various matters concerning our craft.

Art Class at Work 01

I feel it is important for each artist to select their own subject matter, something they have a passion for, something they wish share with those who will be viewing their finished artworks. This showcases your identity as an artist. Perhaps one of the hardest tasks you may encounter is, to find that "great" subject to paint.

Art Class at Work 02

To give me a starting point, I suggest to bring along some of your previous work. If an absolute beginner, just bring along an A3 sketch pad, some pencils, eraser and something you might like to draw. Before purchasing too many artist materials you can always contact me for advise.

Of course, the most important item of all is ... a cup ... for your tea or coffee!

Again, it doesn't matter how experienced or inexperienced you are, new members are welcome, providing space is available. If classes are full you can be then placed on a short list.

It is important to enjoy the journey of our creations. I find a relaxed friendly class satisfying and reflected in the quality of the artworks we produce.

Art Class at Work 03

Some of the materials used can be seen on the tables. Sometimes we may paint up-side-down. This helps to recognise shapes and colours over the objects themselves.

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