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I am Kevin James Taylor born in 1949 in England.

Kevin Taylor B & W photo 1953
3 years old - did I stay in the lines? (photo)

I arrived in Australia with my family in November 1957 at the age of 8. For me, I fell in love with the new land from day one. As a child I was captivated by Australia's blue skies, bright sunlight and the natural bushland spaces everywhere. Today, all these years later, nothing has changed. I still feel the same passion for my home, Australia.

Ferns in Coombabah
Ferns in Coombabah (photo)

As a child I remember the stack of paper, pencils and paints left in the drawer for us. My father, as an artist in his younger days, always encouraged us to draw and paint whenever we felt there urge. As a ritual, we would re-enact games played outside, drawn on paper inside. And, of course we were forever the "super heroes" of the day.

As far back as I can remember Dad's watercolour painting graced our walls. He told me he had painted it at the age of 15 back in 1929. I was amazed at the detail he had achieved. This watercolour now hangs on my wall in the Gold Coast. Perhaps it was this single artwork that inspired me to be where I am today. I wish Dad could see my work now.

A L Taylor Summer, 1929
Summer 1929 - Painted by my father aged 15. Subject - Vigo Street, Heywood, Lancs, England

In 1973 after having worked in busy Sydney for too many years I came to a sudden realisation. For me, life was important. I had always loved the environment together with the beauty of art. This led to such possibilities as an alternative lifestyle. Was it something worth pursuing? I felt, yes. What followed was ten years of study and painting. Then finally in 1983, the dream of turning full time in art became an "anxious" reality.

We purchased a property outside Mudgee NSW. I resigned from my job as a graphics packing designer and engineer in Sydney and we all relocated to our newly acquired property named "Canowindra". Whilst initially, it was certainly a case of "swim or sink", I was determined to make a success of it.

Kevin Taylor History 09
Our property in Mudgee where I commenced my career in art in 1983

In 1986 we decided to open an art gallery in nearby Gulgong, a historical town established during the gold rush days of the 1860's

Kevin Taylor History 05b

Kevin Taylor History 01
Our gallery in Gulgong
Kevin Taylor History 10
Cards I designed of historical Gulgong for sale to visitors

Kevin Taylor History 02
Our gallery in Mudgee "Kean Crafts"

Kevin Taylor History 03
"Kean Crafts" Gallery another view

Opening Night

Kevin Taylor History 04
One of several Kevin Taylor solo exhibitions. This one held at Augustine Winery in Mudgee NSW

Some of my design work - Menus, Serviettes, and Wine Labels for Augustine Winery

Kevin Taylor History 11

Kevin Taylor History 12

Hervey Bay

Kevin Taylor History 06
One of our art group exhibitions in Hervey Bay raising funds for various charities, this one held at Bay Central Shopping Centre to benefit the "Handicaped Association"
Kevin Taylor History 07
Opening night
Kevin Taylor History 08
My late Mum was there too

The Gold Coast Queensland

Kevin Taylor History 13
Market Day in Broadbeach
Kevin Taylor History 14

Other Interests

tlonh 01

Our book, "The Land of No Horizon". This is not about art. Instead it is a book questioning current understanding of Earth structure. It was co-authored with my son Matthew. Here it is shown together with two Japanese versions published by "Tokuma Shoten Publishers" in Tokyo, Japan